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Intelligent Seal Coating Machine JP-300
Product parameters







GX160 5.5hp

Air Press Machine

max 750L/min

Material Pump

max work flow 151L/min -dia:40mm

Air Pump


Mixer Pump


Piping system

Including material filters, pulse damper;          6 points nozzle;
20m discharge hose; stainless steel spray gun.

Move Method

Push by hand, Trailer

Product details
1. Intelligent sealcoating JP300 for road surface coating material spraying, that is suitable for pure liquid material can meet a certain percentage of less than 3mm granular aggregate mixed liquid material spray, after spraying the road surface to form a layer of tough, durable , Elasticity and excellent moisture resistance of the sealing coating, thus protecting the asphalt pavement from air oxidation and ultraviolet radiation damage.

2. Its resistance to moisture makes the road from the climate, water, salt and other substances infiltration; while preventing the steam, diesel, light oil and a large number of chemical products, softening and damage to the asphalt pavement erosion.

3. Also can delay the aging of asphalt pavement, asphalt pavement to maintain year after year still excellent quality and appearance; FND-JP300 Spray equipment extension function: emulsified asphalt spraying, high pressure cleaning pavement and so on.
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